Annie Leib




My kids’ schedule is pretty seamless. Their dad and I really good coparents, if I may say so. It’s something that we always made a priority. We very rarely change the schedule. 
Sometimes the transition is a little hard on the kids. They get used to one parent’s house and then a couple days later, they’re back to the other parent’s house. Overall, they handle it really well. 
Sunday, my son called and said he wanted an extra day at dad’s house. He’s never said that before. I hid that I got a little choked up about it. 
But I told him that’s totally fine. And to enjoy. 
I got a tear in my eye. Then I shifted my mindset. This wasn’t about me. And it didn’t mean he didn’t want to be with me or didn’t love me anymore. 
It meant he needed an extra day with dad. That’s all. Simple as that. No story or narrative needed to be attached to it. 
He just needed an extra dad day. And that’s OK. 
It’s not always about us. Even when our mind says it is and wants to tell us stories. 
The truth is— it’s all OK. It’s about him and his needs. He’s the kid. He’s the priority. 
He came home yesterday and gave me a huge hug. Ya know you’re an awesome mom, he said. 
I hugged him back tightly. And you’re an awesome kiddo, bud. Hope you had fun with Dad. ❤️
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