Annie Leib

Core Values

Core Values


It’s not always easy to do the right thing. 
It’s easy to say you should and will, but it’s not always easy to do. 
There was recently an event that occurred in my life and I was pushed to really look at myself. 
To really scrutinize – was I just saying that I do the right thing? Or was I walking the walk? 
I walked the walk. I mean, I believe I am still walking it. 
I had to swallow my pride a bit. I had to ignore opinions of others. And I had to reach down really deeply, in my soul of souls, and find the core of who I am. I had to live and act into my true core values. 
Love. Freedom. Perseverance. Trust. Truth. 
All of them have been touched on and put in question through this event that took place. 
And I’m still working through it. But I’m leaning hard into my core. The values I’m anchored in. What really matters. 
And the voice that follows keeps telling me to be me. That I’m free to be me— who I am. And that’s enough. That if I lean into my core, all will be well in the end. 
If I just do the right thing— I will be well in the end.
Thank you for being here for my journey. Thank you for your undying support and love. 
From each one of you— it means the entire world to me. Forever and always. 
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