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I help empower executives in less than 90 days with my TrueNorth 90 program.

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Is life feeling dull? Like you’re a hamster on a wheel? You’ve worked tirelessly to become an executive leader but you still feel unseen, unheard, and like you’re not making impact? Is life complicated, stressful, and often you feel like you’re constantly treading water?

Find Yourself

I know all this because I’ve been there. I’ve been you. I’ve stood in your shoes. I was lonely in my senior role. I was unseen. I wasn’t being my authentic self and therefore I couldn’t make the impact as a leader I needed and wanted to make. I wasn’t productive and neither was my team. My communication was unclear. It was a disaster, I get it. This is why I created my signature BREATH Framework coaching modality.

My way – the BREATH Framework – is a 3 step process

Customer Reviews

-Michael Bennett, Chief Strategy and Transformation Officer.
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I wasn't showing up authentically. I knew I was someone who is positive and loved other people. I wanted to bring to the organization empathy, inspiration and positivity. And while I could do that I found myself almost holding back.”
- Daniel Weinstein, VP of Enterprise Strategy.
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“Annie did help me realize my core values. It really made me realize more who I am. Like what I stand for and how to live and embrace that, I think that is totally key. I think that's important like I didn't know what I needed. She knew what I needed."
Danielle Lavey
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Annie was able to pinpoint the types of conversations and helped to discover my needs together, identifying small things I could do to work on them and through reviewing, I've been able to figure out what worked and what didn't work.”.

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So–  I have your answers. Book a call with me. Let’s see if partnering makes sense. If it doesn’t seem like a fit, we can go our separate ways.

Find Your Best Version

Keep in mind, only come if you’re serious. Only book this call if you’re dead serious about investing in yourself and becoming the best version of you. Becoming the best spouse, partner, friend, son, daughter, brother or sister, C-suite officer, or senior vice president. I only accept 5 people a month. Are you the next one to enroll in this life changing, game changing 3 month program?